The Drift

driftThe Drift is an annual art festival which takes place along Main Street in Vancouver, and runs from mid-September to mid-October. During this month, local artists showcase their work in shops, galleries, and cafés along Main Street.

Also, for one weekend during the Drift, our artists open their studios to the public. This open studio weekend has a festival atmosphere, and includes concerts, special events, street theatre, and more!

“THE DRIFT” presents artist’s work in shops and studios centered on Main Street. It’s a celebration for artists, shopkeepers, and anyone interested in art and culture.

The Drift strengthens the cultural fabric of the community by celebrating and cultivating the unique character, diversity and ethos of Main Street; one of the city’s most precious cultural resources – a natural habitat for individual artists, not-for-profit arts organizations, artist run centres as well as a dynamic range of creative enterprises and enterprising creatives who live, work and play in the neighbourhood. 

The main reason behind forming the society was to organize, facilitate, manage, carry on and promote an annual event to display the work of local artists and artisans in multiple venues in the Main Street community. To know more info about our events, keep following and stay tuned to our website!